Chikungunya Virus Peptide Microarray


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PEPperCHIP® Chikungunya Virus Microarray covers non-structural as well as structural polyproteins of CHIVK (strain S27-African prototype) translated into 3,728 different overlapping peptides for a highly multiplexed high resolution epitope mapping. The high-density peptide microarray contains additional HA, polio and c-myc control peptides.


Organism: Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV)


Microarray Content: Chikungunya related antigens (strain S27-African prototype):

Nonstructural protein BHI3734/H804698 ESCA (ID: Q8JUX6)

Structural polyprotein BHI3741/H804705 ESCA (ID: Q8JUX5)


Microarray Content: Proteomes of the abovementioned strain is available on UniProt- or NCBI database.


Sequence Compilation: The protein sequences were elongated by neutral GSGSGSG linkers to avoid truncated peptides. The elongated protein sequences were translated into 15 aa peptides printed in duplicate with a peptide-peptide overlap of 14 aa.

Peptide length/overlap: 15 aa / 14 aa

Number of peptides/spots: 3,728 / 7,456


Microarray Layout:

Each PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray is marked with microarray ID on the backside of the glass slide. The glass slide is accurately placed in an incubation tray with the microarray surface up if the microarray ID appears in the top right corner in a mirror view manner. PEPperCHIP® Chikungunya Virus Microarray contains a single peptide array and is compatible with a 3/1-well PEPperCHIP® Incubation Tray. PEPperCHIP® Chikungunya Virus Microarray further contains additional HA- (YPYDVPDYAG, 28 spots), Polio- (KEVPALTAVETGAT, 44 spots) and c-Myc control peptides (EQKLISEEDL, 32 spots).


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