Eukaryotic Cre Recombinase Expression Plasmid: pCAGGS-Cre


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Eukaryotic Cre recombinase expression plasmid.Site-specific recombinases (SSRs) like Cre, FLP or Dre are valuable tools in functional genomics and have been applied in various organisms. They mediate recombination between target sites of 32-34 base pairs (bp) in length. The target sites, which are called loxP, FRT or rox sites are 13-14 bp palindromes separated by spacers (see below).Cre recombinase, which was originally isolated from coliphage P1, mediates recombination between two loxP-sites through the spacer regions.Our pCAGGS expression vector carries Cre under the control of the chicken-beta-actin promoter and an hCMV immediate early enhancer. The use of the chimeric CMV enhancer/beta-actin promoter leads to a ubiquitous expression profile in eukaryotes. The addition of a Sv40 Large T nuclear localization sequence (nls) further improves the performance in mammalian cells (Schaft J. et al., 2001). The recombinases are linked to a puromycin resistance gene by an internal ribosomal entry site (IRES).The pCAGGS-Cre plasmid allows efficient excision of DNA stretches flanked by loxP sites. The plasmid carries a puromycin resistance gene for selection in eukaryotic cells and an ampicillin resistance cassette for selection in E. coli.Contentsrecombinase expression plasmid pCAGGS-Cre (0.2 ug/ul, 20 ul)Manual

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