Eukaryotic Dre Recombinase Expression Plasmid:CAGGS-Dre (Academic price, requires limited use license)


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Eukaryotic Dre recombinase expression plasmid (Academia).The use of this product is governed by the terms and conditions of the limited use license (Dre Material). Industrial clients require a license from Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, Missouri.Site-specific recombinases (SSRs) like Cre, FLP or Dre are valuable tools in functional genomics and have been applied in various organisms. They mediate recombination between target sites of 32-34 base pairs (bp) in length. The target sites, which are called loxP, FRT or rox sites are 13-14 bp palindromes separated by spacers (see below).Cre recombinase, which was originally isolated from coliphage P1, mediates recombination between two loxP-sites through the spacer regions. Dre was identified in a systematic search through P1-like phages for a Cre-like enzyme that had diverged sufficiently to recognize a recombination target site ( RT) that is distinct from loxP (Sauer and Mc Dermott, 2004). The Dre RT was termed rox. The codon usage of Dre in the plasmid was adapted for the use in mammalian cells (Anastassiadis K. et al., 2009).Our pCAGGS expression vector carries Dre under the control of the chicken-beta-actin promoter and an hCMV immediate early enhancer. The use of the chimeric CMV enhancer/beta-actin promoter leads to a ubiquitous expression profile in eukaryotes. The addition of a Sv40 Large T nuclear localization sequence (nls) further improves the performance in mammalian cells (Schaft J. et al., 2001). The recombinases are linked to a puromycin resistance gene by an internal ribosomal entry site (IRES).The pCAGGS-Dre plasmid allows efficient excision of DNA stretches flanked by rox sites. The plasmid carries a puromycin resistance gene for selection in eukaryotic cells and an ampicillin resistance cassette for selection in E. coli.Contentsrecombinase expression plasmid pCAGGS-Dre (0.2 ug/ul, 20 ul)Manual

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