InviMag Bacteria DNA Mini Kit/ KFml without plastics


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The InviMag Bacteria DNA Mini Kit/ KFmL contains the pre-filled Extraction Tubes with lyophilized lysis components for genomic DNA isolation from different bacteria species from a broad range of starting materials. After lysis, the samples are transferred to the magnetic bead-based procedure on the KingFisher mL from Thermo Scientific with a PCR template preparation time of 25 minutes for 15 samples in parallel.


Time saving and safer sample handling: 60% less pipetting steps and tip consumption


Ready To Prep (RTP) single lysis tube: pre-filled Extraction Tube with lyophilized lysis components (lysis buffer, Lysozyme, Proteinase K), Carrier RNA, and internal DNA extraction control; stable at room temperature


For a wide variety of samples: bacteria cell pellets (max. 109), tissue (max. 10 mg), paraffin embedded tissue (max. 10 mg), cell-free body fluids (max. 200 ul), blood (max. 100 ul), swabs, urine (15 – 50 ml), water (1 l), paper points


Environment-friendly: less infectious plastic waste due to reduced hands-on steps


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