InviMag Blood DNA Mini Kit/ KF96 without plastics


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The InviMag Blood DNA Mini Kit/ KF96 allows for fast and convenient purification of genomic DNA from up to 200 ul of whole blood, buffy coat, and bone marrow using magnetic beads. Fresh or frozen whole blood treated with EDTA or citrate, but not with heparin, from routine blood collection systems can be used. The InviMag Blood DNA Mini Kit/ KF96 is designed for semi-automated preparation on the KingFisher 96 and Flex 96 from Thermo Scientific.


Easy procedure: purify up to 10 ug genomic DNA from 96 samples in parallel in 45 minutes


Compatible with a variety of anticoagulants and tubes for human blood, mammalian and non-mammalian animal blood (max. 200 ul), buffy coat (max. 30 ul), bone marrow (20 ul)


Effective for a variety of downstream applications: suitable for applications based on enzymatic amplification and detection of DNA (PCR and real-time PCR, Southern blotting, SNP analysis, genotyping etc.)


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