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The InviMag Pathogen Kit/ KFmL contains the lyophilized lysis buffer for bacterial DNA, viral DNA and viral RNA isolation from a variety of starting materials. After lysis the samples are transferred to a magnetic bead based procedure. The InviMag Bacteria DNA Mini Kit/ KFmL is designed for semi-automated preparation on the KingFisher mL workstation. Up to 15 samples in parallel can be processed.


Starting Material: Cell-free body fluids, rinse liquid from swabs, cell culture supernatant, sputum, tracheal secrete, BAL, bacteria cells, stool samples.


Simple “One-Step-Lysis” in the pre-filled Extraction Tube with lyophilized lysis components (lysis buffer, Proteinase K, Carrier RNA, Lysozyme); Extraction Tubes can be stored at room temperature


Sensitive and accurate results at low viral titers


Universal nucleic acid purification system for pathogens – one kit for DNA and RNA viral purification allowing simultaneous testing of both virus types as well as for bacterial DNA


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