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The InviMag SalivaGene DNA Kit/ IG is the ideal tool for a walk-away automated isolation and purification of highly pure (genomic and mitochondrial) DNA from 1.6 ml of stabilized saliva samples, provided in the SalivaGene Collector. The SalivaGene Collector, as part of the SalivaGene system, is a convenient tool for collection, stabilization, storage and transportation of saliva material without degradation of DNA for at least 12 months.


This kit is designed for an optimal use on the InviGenius workstation. The interplay of the DNA extraction and purification chemistry provided by the InviMag SalivaGene DNA Kit/ IG was intensely tested and validated. The DNA-binding magnetic particles are characterized by a high surface area, uniform size distribution, and good suspension stability and are therefore highly suitable for high throughput processing.


The isolated DNA is ready to use for a broad panel downstream applications or can be stored at -20C for subsequent use.


High DNA yields from saliva samples without degradation


High quality DNA from saliva performs as well as blood-derived DNA on downstream applications


Fully automated, walk-away purification


Barcodes enable tracking of samples and reagents


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