InviMag SalivaGene DNA Kit/ KF96


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The InviMag® SalivaGene DNA Kit/ KF96 allows for rapid and economical purification of genomic, mitochondrial and bacterial DNA from SalivaGene stabilized saliva and swab samples using magnetic beads. The kit is designed for semi-automated preparation on the KingFisher 96 and Flex 96 workstations. Up to 96 samples in parallel can be processed.


The kit is designed for the isolation of DNA from host organisms as well as for isolation of DNA from pathogen microorganisms. The system consists of four modules, three collection sets and one extraction module, useable independently or in combination. The purified high quality DNA is ready to use for subsequent downstream applications or can be stored at –20°C for subsequent use


Magnetic bead based DNA extraction kit for use in combination with the SalivaGene sample collection sets (SalivaGene Collector, SalivaGene Collection Module II, SalivaGene Buccal Swab)


High DNA yields from saliva samples without degradation


High quality DNA from saliva performs as well as blood-derived DNA on downstream applications


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