InviMag Stool DNA Mini Kit/ KFml without plastics


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The InviMag Stool DNA Mini Kit/ KFmL without plastics allows for purification of genomic and microbial DNA from up to 200 mg of fresh or frozen human and animal stool sample or about 1 g sample in 8 ml Stool Stabilizer using magnetic beads. The InviMag Stool DNA Mini Kit/ KFmL is designed for semi-automated preparation on the KingFisher mL from Thermo Scientific. The kit is CE-marked in compliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD-Directive). Products which are CE-marked according to the IVD-Directive can be used for diagnostic applications in countries where this directive is recognized.


Lysis conditions optimized: isolation of microbial and cellular DNA from animal or human stool


Easy procedure: purify up to 50 ug DNA in 45 min from 15 samples in parallel


Complete removal of PCR inhibitors: reproducible results in PCR applications, genetic typing, mutation analysis, pathogen analysis


Samples can be stored in the Stool Collection Tubes, prefilled with Stool DNA Stabilizer – Samples are stable at room temperature for 3 months for easy transport and storage


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