InviMag Virus DNA/RNA Mini Kit/ KF96


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The InviMag® Virus DNA/RNA Mini Kit/ KF96 is designed for reliable simultaneous isolation of high quality viral DNA and RNA from different starting materials using the RTP® technology and magnetic beads. The kit is designed for automated preparation on the KingFisher 96 and Flex 96 workstations. Up to 96 samples in parallel can be processed.


Time saving and safer sample handling: 60% fewer pipetting steps and decreased tip consumption


Simple “One-Step-Lysis” using lyophilized lysis components (lysis buffer, Proteinase K, Carrier RNA)


Sensitive and accurate results at low viral titers


One kit for both DNA and RNA viral purification allowing simultaneous testing of both virus types


Environment-friendly – less infectious plastic waste due to reduced hands-on steps


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