InviMag Virus RNA Kit/ KF96


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Use the InviMag Virus RNA Mini Kit/ KF96 for reliable isolation of high-quality RNA from viruses found in a diverse range of starting materials from 96 samples in parallel. The kit simplifies viral RNA isolation by combining efficient lysis of the starting material and the inactivation of exogenous and endogenous RNases to prevent degradation. The InviMag Virus RNA Mini Kit/ KF96 is designed for semi-automated preparation on the KingFisher 96 or Flex 96 from Thermo Scientific.

The kit is CE-marked in compliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD-Directive). Products which are CE-marked according to the IVD-Directive can be used for diagnostic applications in countries where this directive is recognized.


Fast procedure: RT-PCR templates from 96 samples in only 45 minutes with high sensitivity at low virus titers


Consistent, high efficient recovery of viral RNA even with low viral titers, allowing highly sensitive virus detection.


For various sample types: plasma, serum, cell culture supernatants (max. 200 ul), tissue (max. 10 mg), stool samples (max. 50 mg), rinse liquid from swabs


Complete removal of PCR inhibitors: pure viral RNA for downstream analysis, e.g. real-time RT-PCR


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