PEPperCHIP Trypanosoma Brucei Antigen Microarray


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Easy to handle PEPperCHIP? microarrays allow the profiling of immune responses in blood sera linked with infection, immunization, autoimmune diseases or cancer in a uniquely flexible and cost-effective manner. The PEPperCHIP? Trypanosoma Brucei Antigen Microarray contains three selected antigens (see Material Data Sheet) translated into 13mer peptides as duplicates with a peptide-peptide overlap of 12 amino acids. Each slide contains two array copies for one-by-one assays and is compatible with a 3/2-well PEPperCHIP? Incubation Tray (PPC.005.001). Routinely implemented HA and Flag control peptides can be stained with antibodies provided in the PEPperCHIP? Staining Kit (PPC.002.001 and PPC.003.001). The PEPperCHIP? microarrays are compatible with most microarray scanners like the GenePix, Agilent and Innopsys readers or the Li-COR Odyssey Imaging System. For software-assisted image analysis of peptide microarray data we recommend PepSlide? Analyzer (PSA.001.001), but also provide GenePix Pro? support. Please download our SOPs for more information on chip handling, materials and methods.

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