PSP Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit


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PSP® Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit is for purification of total DNA from stool samples in combination with the corresponding Stool Collection Tubes with Stool DNA Stabilizer.


The PSP® Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit is a DNA purification system from stool samples which can be used in combination with the Stool Collection Tubes (incl. DNA Stabilizer). The Stool Collection Tubes have to be ordered seperately. The kit is designed for isolation of DNA from microorganisms as well as for DNA extraction from the host organism. Furthermore, it is possible to extract nucleic acids from food and feed residues of plant or animal origin from the stool sample.


We recommend ordering the PSP® Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit and the Stool Collection Tubes separately if samples are collected at different places or periods.


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