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iP-TEC® Live Transport Device

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. today announced the launching of iP-TEC Live Transport Device into the US market. Developed by SANPLATEC Corporation, the long-expected Live Transport Device is expected to provide strong support to promote regenerative medicine and other cellular therapy studies as well.


Compared with other available transport ways such as dry ice, the live transport method enables the “ready-to-use” transport of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and other cells without freezing them, which not only reduces the risk that cells may be damaged or destroyed when returning to an active state, but also saves time, labor costs and reagent costs. IP-TEC Live Transport Device can maintain the system temperature at the range of 33°C~36°C for 150 hours and more when outside temperature is about 25°C. The IP-TEC Live Transport Device and all accessories are available for ordering through AS ONE INTERNATIONAL now.


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