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Monthly Newsletter – July 2017

Monthly Newsletter

July 2017


Trusted ELISA Kits for Obesity and Diabetes Research


Today, obesity and diabetes have become a serious social concern. More than 60 percent of adults in the US are overweight or obese. Type 2 diabetes, driven by excessive body weight, has increased nearly 30 percent in the last decade. Moreover, diabetes is often accompanied by an aggressive form of cardiovascular disease and greatly increases the risk of atherosclerosis and heart failure. The specific roles of metabolism and other mechanisms in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases remain unclear. Reliable research tools such as ELISA kits for metabolism and diabetes research are critical for addressing these questions.


On the other hand, scientific data reproducibility has become a concern in the scientific community, it seems the best way for scientists to choose and use the life science reagents is to trust and buy from trusted suppliers. AS ONE INTERNATIONAL (formerly B-Bridge International) has supplied ELISA kits for obesity and diabetes research for more than 15 years. Its ELISA kits for adiponectin, leptin, resistin and esRAGE have been heavily cited by researchers in their publications. Here are two of most recent examples:


In one genome-wide association study (Ref.1) in 1,322 pregnant women, Hivert et al investigated genetic determinants of adiponectin during pregnancy and early life. Using the combined meta-analysis and our adiponectin ELISA kit to monitor serum adiponectin, researchers revealed that the maternal T allele of rs900400 was associated with lower maternal adiponectin. In contrast, rs900400 showed only nominal association with adiponectin in a sample group of 16,678 nonpregnant women.


In another study (Ref. 2), Brinkley et al determined serum levels of total sRAGE, esRAGE (measured with our esRAGE ELISA kit) and its major ligand CML in 99 Blacks and 454 Whites. They found that black race was associated with an adverse AGE/RAGE profile, including lower sRAGE and higher CML/sRAGE ratios.


At AS ONE International, we are proud of being a long-term and well-trusted supplier for these research tools. We would like to share the up-to-date list of journal citations for these kits with you and keep you informed in the areas of your scientific discovery.



Human Adiponectin ELISA Kit (K1001-1)

Human Leptin ELISA Kit (K1005-1)






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Gravity Controller Gravite®

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL today announced it released Gravite®, a new device for simulating microgravity and hypergravity, to the global market except Japan. Gravite® is a multi-directional gravity device for simulating microgravity and hyper-gravity. By controlled rotation of two axes, the 3D clinostat minimizes the cumulative gravity vector at the center of the device and makes 10-3 g over time average. Gravite® can also create a hyper-gravity environment of 2-3 g by centrifugal force from one axis rotation.


Gravite® is developed by Professor Louis Yuge from Hiroshima University who is also Director of Space Bio-Laboratories Co. in Japan. Gravite® is an ideal tool that provides the simulated microgravity environment with real-time gravity monitoring for biological studies. The NASA Kennedy Space Center has introduced the device for simulated microgravity.


Learn more about Gravite®.

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Company New Website Launching

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. announced the launching of its new company website today. The new website has categorized the company’s offerings by research area, application, product type and brand name, which is designed to provide its customers the most needed product information in the most convenient and efficient way. Besides the functions of searching products by the four categories mentioned above, the new website also has other important features. For example, the site homepage has linked to AXEL, a product database from AS ONE Corporation, which makes the information for another 400,000 products easily accessible by the customers in the US and other countries except Japan. Another key feature of the new website, even it is not functioning yet at this moment, is that customers will be able to order most of its products and check out online. While the new website is almost fully functioning, more products will be uploaded onto the website gradually within a couple of months.

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iP-TEC® Live Transport Device

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. today announced the launching of iP-TEC Live Transport Device into the US market. Developed by SANPLATEC Corporation, the long-expected Live Transport Device is expected to provide strong support to promote regenerative medicine and other cellular therapy studies as well.


Compared with other available transport ways such as dry ice, the live transport method enables the “ready-to-use” transport of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and other cells without freezing them, which not only reduces the risk that cells may be damaged or destroyed when returning to an active state, but also saves time, labor costs and reagent costs. IP-TEC Live Transport Device can maintain the system temperature at the range of 33°C~36°C for 150 hours and more when outside temperature is about 25°C. The IP-TEC Live Transport Device and all accessories are available for ordering through AS ONE INTERNATIONAL now.


Learn more about iP-TEC Live Transport Device.

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Live Transport Device and Temperature Control Box

In life science industry, live cells or tissues are usually frozen with cryoprotectants and transported with dry ice if they need to be moved from one place to another for a relatively long time. There are several problems during the traditional procedure. When freezing cells or thawing cells after freezing there are always loss of cells, no mention those hours that spent on freezing and thawing cells and selected freezing medium. In some cases, cells are transported live but the stability of transportation environment such as temperature retention and vibration control is poor. SANPLATEC’s iP-TEC Live Transport Device has solved all of these problems and makes live transport possible!

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AS ONE INTERNATIONAL Established Partnership with SANPLATEC

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. recently signed an agreement with SANPLATEC Corporation. AS ONE INTERNATIONAL will be the distributor of SANPLATEC’s products in the US market. This agreement will speed SANPLATEC’s products entering the US market and make many of SANPLATEC’s laboratory plasticware products more accessible by the researchers in the US and other regions.

Founded in 1964, SANPLATEC Corporation has become a leading supplier of laboratory plasticware in Japan. Its products include bottles, beakers, and measuring cylinders among many others. Recently, the company developed and launched new products for live cell transportation and cell culture which have also been available for ordering through AS ONE INTERNATIONAL. Check out our New Product Release for more related information.

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Gravity Controller Gravite®

A Microgravity Simulator that NASA Kennedy Space Center introduced!

Microgravity provides a special environment where cells grow without sedimentation and convection. Several studies have shown that the formation of 3D aggregates after the cells were cultured under microgravity conditions. The 3D multicellular spheroids or tissues represent more physiologically relevant in vivo situations needed for biomedical research and drug development.

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Cell Stretching Systems

Cell Stretching Systems

STREX Mechanical Cell Strain Instruments

STREX high-performance mechanical cell strain instruments and cell culture chambers allow researchers to explore the impact of mechanical cell strain on cells in culture. Mechanical stress applied to the cells better simulates a natural dynamic physiological environment.

Use STREX to investigate:

  • Bone, muscle, cartilage, ligaments & tendons
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Cell adhesion, division, growth & cytoskeletal rearrangement
  • Stem cell proliferation & differentiation

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Stable Cell Lines

Stable cell lines are one of the most used tools in drug discovery, toxicity testing, and basic research. Long-term stable expression of a gene of interest is usually achieved by transfection or viral transduction of a vector containing the expression cassette of the gene of interest together with a selection marker (antibiotics or fluorescent proteins). In contrast to transient expression, stable cell lines offer reproducible results for assay studies in drug discovery and development.

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IHC Detection

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL is proud to offer Histofine IHC (Immunohistochemistry) detection kits for human, mouse, rabbit, and goat primary antibodies. Uniquely, these kits use just the antigen-recognizing Fab fragment (rather than a whole antibody) to detect a primary antibody. This feature minimizes non-specific binding, thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and generating cleaner results.

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