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Save 20% on esRAGE ELISA

Save 20% on Human esRAGE ELISA Kits


esRAGE is a potential biomarker for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. Accurate quantification of esRAGE level is vital to investigate its physiological and pathological roles. AS ONE INTERNATIONAL‘s human esRAGE ELISA kits (formerly under B-Bridge) determines human esRAGE in serum, plasma, or culture medium, and provides accurate quantification of esRAGE specifically.


Save 20% on Human esRAGE ELISA Kit (K1009-1) now through November 30, 2019. End users only. Distributors may inquiry for bulk orders.



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Company New Website Launching

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. announced the launching of its new company website today. The new website has categorized the company’s offerings by research area, application, product type and brand name, which is designed to provide its customers the most needed product information in the most convenient and efficient way. Besides the functions of searching products by the four categories mentioned above, the new website also has other important features. For example, the site homepage has linked to AXEL, a product database from AS ONE Corporation, which makes the information for another 400,000 products easily accessible by the customers in the US and other countries except Japan. Another key feature of the new website, even it is not functioning yet at this moment, is that customers will be able to order most of its products and check out online. While the new website is almost fully functioning, more products will be uploaded onto the website gradually within a couple of months.

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AS ONE INTERNATIONAL Established Partnership with SANPLATEC

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL, Inc. recently signed an agreement with SANPLATEC Corporation. AS ONE INTERNATIONAL will be the distributor of SANPLATEC’s products in the US market. This agreement will speed SANPLATEC’s products entering the US market and make many of SANPLATEC’s laboratory plasticware products more accessible by the researchers in the US and other regions.

Founded in 1964, SANPLATEC Corporation has become a leading supplier of laboratory plasticware in Japan. Its products include bottles, beakers, and measuring cylinders among many others. Recently, the company developed and launched new products for live cell transportation and cell culture which have also been available for ordering through AS ONE INTERNATIONAL. Check out our New Product Release for more related information.

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AS ONE and Dr. Yuge at Hiroshima University is featured in Nature InsideView.

In February 2017, Dr. Louis Yuge, Professor at Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Hiroshima University, Japan, talked about the development of Gravite®, a device that enables researchers to conduct unprecedented experiments in microgravity and hypergravity conditions with Nature InsideView. Dr. Yuge has founded a company named Space Bio-Laboratories in Japan to commercialize the microgravity and hypergravity simulator. AS ONE INTERNATIONAL has exclusive right to sell Gravite® in the US and other regions except Japan. Click here to read the full-text interview.


Learn more about Gravite®