Antibodies are important tools in life science research. AS ONE INTERNATIONAL keeps high quality standard for its antibody products to meet your high research standard. We provide not only commonly used secondary antibodies, loading control antibodies, and epitope tag antibodies, but also very unique primary antibodies to meet diverse research needs. For example, our HIV-1 related antibodies, bacterial toxins antibodies, viruses (HCV, HHV, VZV and Influenza) related antibodies, and DNA 3R (replication, recombination and repair) related antibodies have been very popular in these specialized areas.


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HIV-1 related antibodies

Bacterial toxins antibodies

Viruses (HCV, HHV, VZV and Influenza) related antibodies

DNA 3R (recombination, replication and repair) related antibodies

Autophagy related antibodies


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Primary Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies

Epitope Tag Antibodies

Loading Control Antibodies

Conjugated Antibodies


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Cancer Research



Signal Transduction


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