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Live Transport Device and Temperature Control Box

In life science industry, live cells or tissues are usually frozen with cryoprotectants and transported with dry ice if they need to be moved from one place to another for a relatively long time. There are several problems during the traditional procedure. When freezing cells or thawing cells after freezing there are always loss of cells, no mention those hours that spent on freezing and thawing cells and selected freezing medium. In some cases, cells are transported live but the stability of transportation environment such as temperature retention and vibration control is poor. SANPLATEC’s iP-TEC Live Transport Device has solved all of these problems and makes live transport possible!

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Gravity Controller Gravite®

A Microgravity Simulator that NASA Kennedy Space Center introduced!

Microgravity provides a special environment where cells grow without sedimentation and convection. Several studies have shown that the formation of 3D aggregates after the cells were cultured under microgravity conditions. The 3D multicellular spheroids or tissues represent more physiologically relevant in vivo situations needed for biomedical research and drug development.

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Cell Stretching Systems

Cell Stretching Systems

STREX Mechanical Cell Strain Instruments

STREX high-performance mechanical cell strain instruments and cell culture chambers allow researchers to explore the impact of mechanical cell strain on cells in culture. Mechanical stress applied to the cells better simulates a natural dynamic physiological environment.

Use STREX to investigate:

  • Bone, muscle, cartilage, ligaments & tendons
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Cell adhesion, division, growth & cytoskeletal rearrangement
  • Stem cell proliferation & differentiation

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Stable Cell Lines

Stable cell lines are one of the most used tools in drug discovery, toxicity testing, and basic research. Long-term stable expression of a gene of interest is usually achieved by transfection or viral transduction of a vector containing the expression cassette of the gene of interest together with a selection marker (antibiotics or fluorescent proteins). In contrast to transient expression, stable cell lines offer reproducible results for assay studies in drug discovery and development.

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IHC Detection

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL is proud to offer Histofine IHC (Immunohistochemistry) detection kits for human, mouse, rabbit, and goat primary antibodies. Uniquely, these kits use just the antigen-recognizing Fab fragment (rather than a whole antibody) to detect a primary antibody. This feature minimizes non-specific binding, thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and generating cleaner results.

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Sample Preparation

Simplifying Nucleic Acid Preparation with STRATEC Technology

Nucleic acid isolation is one of the most basic techniques performed in every molecular biology lab, yet it is vitally important for the success of all downstream applications. What AS ONE International offers is much more than just another alternative for nucleic acid isolation: the proprietary technologies from Stratec Molecular enable higher quality nucleic acid purification in less time.

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3-D Cell Culture Hydrogels

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL is proud to bring you two brands of distinct hydrogels for 3-D cell culture: Cellendes, a life science company in Germany, developed a biomimetic dextran-based hydrogel while Menicon Life Science in Japan manufactures a peptide-based hydrogel. Each hydrogel offers unique advantages for a variety applications like drug discovery and tissue engineering.

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Peptide Microarrays

AS ONE International provides standard and custom peptide microarrays based on the PEPperCHIP® laser printing platform. Potential applications include epitope mapping, immunological research, biomarker discovery and peptide drug development. Due to their proprietary peptide laser printing technology, the high-content PEPperCHIP® microarrays set a new standard in terms of peptide diversity, signal quality and content flexibility. Check out our offerings below.

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PluriBead Cell Separation System

pluriBead is an innovative separation technology for the isolation of cells, proteins, viruses, bacteria and a variety of other targets from whole blood, cell culture, cord blood and other heterogeneous biological fluids. The tools are versatile in application and form the basis of research in cancer, rheumatic illnesses, arteriosclerosis and allergies.

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Red/ET Recombineering

Are you tired of finding restriction sites? AS ONE INTERNATIONAL provides high quality and easy-to-use kits and reagents for cloning, sub-cloning, generating transgenic animals, and manipulating DNA constructs. Particularly, Red/ET Recombineering offers unprecedented freedom in gene cloning. It gives you the powerful tools to clone, subclone, and modify DNA at any chosen position. These Red/ET Kits, Selection Cassettes, and Recombinase Plasmids permit precise engineering of DNA molecules of any size, including very large ones such as BACs or the E. coli chromosomes. Continue reading Red/ET Recombineering