anti-AlaRS (Alanine-tRNA Ligase) Antibody


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AlaRS (968 amino acids, 106.7 kDa), Alanine-tRNA ligase, is an important enzyme that catalyzes addition of alanine to tRNA in protein synthesis, utilizing ATP hydrolysis. AlaRS contains three domains; the N-terminal catalytic domain, the editing domain and the C-terminal C-Ala domain. Also edits incorrectly charged tRNA(Ala) via its editing domain.



Immunogen: Recombinant hamster AlaRS protein (695-969) fused with GST

Form: Anti-AlaRS rabbit serum added with 0.05% sodium azide

Reactivity: Reacts with human, hamster, and mouse AlaRS

Storage: Shipped at 4℃ and store at -20℃



Western blotting (100~ 1,000 folds dilution)

Immunofluorescence staining (1/100)

Not tested for other applications


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UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: Q8CFX8 (SYAC_MESAU)


Reference: This antibody was used in the following publication.

Wang Y et. al. “A hamster temperature-sensitive alanyl-tRNA synthase mutant causes degradation of cell cycle related proteins and apoptosis” J Biochemistry (Tokyo) 135, 7-16 (2004) PMID: 14999004 (WB)



Fig.1 Detection of endogenous AlaRS protein in whole cell extracts by Western blotting with this antibody. HeLa and NIH3T3 lyates (10 μg). The anti-AlaRS antiserum was used at 1/300 dilution.



Fig.2 Immunofluorescence staining of AlaRS protein in HeLa cells by using anti-AlaRS antibody. The cells were fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde and permeabilized with 0.25% TritonX100. The antibody was used at 1/100 dilution. As the second antibody, AF488 conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG antibody was used at 1/1,000 dilution. Nuclear DNA was stained with DAPI (left) and the merged image was shown in the center.

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