Anti-Cdc22 / RMM1 (S. pombe) Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal


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The cdc22 gene of S. pombe encodes ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large chain (811 aa, 92 kDa) which forms heterodimer with the small chain. The heterodimer catalyzes the biosynthesis of deoxyribonucleotides from the corresponding ribonucleotides and provides the precursors necessary for DNA synthesis.



Western Blot (1/1,000 dilution)



Reactivity: Reacts with S. pombe Cdc22 protein. (Not tested in other species)

Immunogen: Synthetic peptide, NVNPTDLWDWAE-C, corresponding to 571-582 residues of the S. pombe Cdc22 protein.

Purity: Affinity purified with the immunogen peptide conjugated with agarose beads.

Form: 1 mg/ml in PBS with 50% glycerol. Filter-sterilyzed.

Storage: Sent at 4°C or -20°C. Upon arrival, spin-down and store at -20°C


Data links:

Uniprot: P36602

PomBase: cdc22 (SPAC1F7.05)



Fig 1. Western blot analysis with Cdc22 antibody. Cdc22 protein (92 kDa) was detected by western blotting in S. pombe crude extract. 7.5 % SDS-PAGE was used. Anti-Cdc22 antibody was used at 1/1,000 dilution and and secondary antibody, anti-rabbit IgG conjugated with HRP, was used at 1/10,000  ditluion.

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