Anti-DNA Polymerase δ p66 subunit Antibody Monoclonal (2A1C11)

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DNA polymerase δ is one of the three eukaryotic DNA polymerases which are essential for chromosome replication, and is also involved in nucleotide excision repair, base excision repair and VDJ recombination (1, 2). Subunit 3/p66 is a functionally important subunit of human polymerase δ which stabilizes polymerase δ complex and increases the affinity of polymerase δ for PCNA (3).


This product is the IgG fraction purified from serum-free culture medium of mouse hybridoma (2A1C11) by propriety chromatography under mild conditions.



Western blot

Immunoprecipitation (Assay dependent)



Antigen: Recombinant human p66 subunit of DNA polymerase δ

Reactivity: Human p66 protein. Not tested with other species

Isotype: IgG2B (kappa)

Form: Purified monoclonal antibody (IgG) 1mg/ml in PBS (pH 7.4), 50% glycerol, sterile-filtered, azide free

Storage: Ship at 4°C or at -20°C Aliquot and long term storage at -80°C


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UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Q15054 (DPOD3_HUMAN)



References This product was used in references 3.

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Fig.1 Detection of p66 protein of polymerase by Western blot. p66 protein in extract of MCF7 cells was detected with antibody 2A1C11 The antiserum was diluted 2000 fold before use.

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