anti-E.coli RuvC antibody, rabbit serum


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E.coli RuvC protein is a structurally specific endonuclease which binds specifically to the Holliday structure, an intermediate of recombination, at the late stage of homologous recombination and recombination repair and introduces nicks at the symmetrical points of the Holliday junction, cleaving and resolving the recombinant (1). Its molecular weight is 19kD and forms a dimmer in liquid.



Western blot for the detection of E. coli RuvC protein x 3,000 dilution (Fig.1)

Other applications have not been tested.



Immunogen: Purified full-size recombinant RuvC protein (Ref. 2, 3)

Form: Rabbit antiserum with 0.05% sodium azide

Storage: 4°C for short term or -80°C for long term storage


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UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot P0A814 (RUVC_ECOLI)



This product was used in ref. 2 and 3.

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Fig.1 Detection of RuvC (19kD) proteins in the cell extracts of E. coli carrying the plasmids which encode the indicated mutant RuvC proteins by Western blot using this antibody (Ref. 2).

WT: wild type RuvC protein

vector: vector plasmid

D7G, D7N, P8L: mutant RuvC proteins

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