Anti-His6 tag antibody rabbit serum


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Epitope tagging has become a powerful tool for detection and purification of expressed proteins. His6-epitope tag is especially useful because the tagged recombinant proteins can be easily purified by affinity chromatography with metal ion (e.g. Ni2+, Co2+ etc.) conjugated resins. Due to their small size, His epitope tag does not affect the tagged protein’s biochemical properties in most cases.

Anti-His epitope tag antibody is useful for identification of a recombinant protein tagged with 6X His at N-terminal, C-terminal and internal of the proteins.



  1. Western blot dilution: 1/1,000
  2. ELISA (assay dependent)

Not good for immunoprecipitation. Other applications have not been tested.



Immunogen: GSHHHHHHGGC synthetic peptide cross-linked to KLH with C-terminal Cystein.

Specificity: This antibody recognizes His6-tagged fusion proteins.

Form: Antiserum with 0.05% sodium azide

Storage: Ship 4°C, for long term storage -20°C or below



Simpson RJ, Adams PD and Golemis EA “ Basic Methods in Protein Purification and Analysis.A laboratory Manual” ColdSpring Harbor Laboratory Press (2009) New York

Fig. 1 Detection of His-tagged proteins (FLAG-His6-EmGFP, FLAG-His6-EmGFP-PRMT6) in crude extract of 293T cells expressing the recombinant proteins with anti-EGFP antibody (left panel) and anti-His6 antibody (right panel). The antibodies were used at 1,000 fold dilution.

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