Anti-Sup35/PSI+ (S. cerevisiae) antibody, rabbit polyclonal IgG


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Sup35 protein of S. cerevisiae is the translation termination factor eRF3. The altered conformation of this protein generates the [PSI ] prion phenotype (1). In this state, a dominant cytoplasmically inherited protein aggregates are formed which sequester the normal function of Sup35 thereby nonsense suppressor phenotype is created (2). The molecular chaperon Hsp104 is necessary for the formation and maintenance of the aggregates (3, 4).



Western blotting (1,000~2,000 fold dilution). Not tested for other applications.



Product: Rabbit polyclonal antibody, purified IgG fraction

Immunogen: Synthetic peptide corresponding to a.a. 494-507 of Sup35

Form: Purified IgG 8 mg/ml in PBS, 50% glycerol, 0.09% sodium azide

Reactivity: S. cerevisiae Sup35, not tested with other species

Storage: -20°C (for longer period, -70°C)

Data Link SGD SUP35/YDR172W



This antibody was used in ref.4.

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Fig.1 Detection of Sup35 protein in crude extract of S. cerevisiae by Western blotting with this antibody.

Lane 1, 2: x 4000 dilution

Lane 3, 4: x 1000 dilution

Lane 1, 3: endogenous expression

Lane 2, 4: over expression

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