FITC-labeled anti-FceRIa(human IgE receptor) antibody (CRA2)


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FcεR1α is subunit of the high affinity receptor for IgE to which IgE directly binds. FcεR1 is a tetrameric complex consisting of one α, one β and two γ subunits. The latter two subunits are required for signal transduction activity. The FcεR1αcomplex plays an important role in triggering allergic responses. The CRA2 (AER24) monoclonal antibody reacts with the FcεR1αsubunit on a region that overlaps the region of the IgE binding site, thus it competes with IgE for the receptor binding. Since the CRA1 (AER37) monoclonal antibody reacts with the site different from the IgE binding site on FcεR1α, it does not compete with IgE for the receptor binding. Combining the two antibodies, one can quantitatively measure the amounts of the IgE-bound FcεR1α.



Reactivity: human

Isotype: IgG1 (κ)

Purity: This product is the IgG fraction purified from serum free culture medium of mouse hybridoma (CRA2) by propriety chromatography under mild conditions.

Form: 1mg/ml in PBS (pH 7.4), 50% glycerol, filter-sterilized, azide and carrier free

Immunogen: Recombinant extracellular portion of human FcεR1α (corresponding to amino acids Met-26-197, where signal peptide is 1-25)

Epitope: Amino acids 110-197 of FcεR1α (Ref 3)

Storage: Ship at 4℃ and store at -20℃ (Do not store below -20℃)



  • Western blotting (~1ug/ml)
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin and Frozen) and immunocytochemistry


Data Link: UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot P12319 (FCERA_HUMAN


Figure. Levels of binding of CRA2 antibody measured via basophil staining with or without lactic acid treatment by flow cytometric analysis. Dashed and solid lines mean with and without lactic acid treatment, respectively. The levels of CRA2 on basophils in the patient 1 (grade 3 allergy) are in A.

(Images and data are from Iwamoto T et al  Cancer Med. 2016 Jun;5(6):1004-12.)


References: This product has been used in the following publications.

  1. Suzuki K. et al. The Fc receptor (FcR) γsubunit is essential for IgE-binding activity of cell-surface expressed chimeric receptor molecules constructed from human high-affinity IgE receptor (FcεRI) αand FcRγ Mol Immunol. 1998 Apr;35(5):259-70. FC (human)
  2. Iwamoto T et al. A novel approach to predict cetuximab-induced hypersensitivity reaction: detection of drug-specific IgE on basophils. Cancer Med.2016 Jun;5(6):1004-12. PMID: 26880699 FC (human)
  3. Perez‐Witzke D. et al. CTLA4Fcε, a novel soluble fusion protein that binds B7 molecules and the IgE receptors, and reduces human in vitro soluble CD23 production and lymphocyte proliferation Immunology 2016, 148 (1), 40-55. PMID: 26801967 FC (human)



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