GenNext NGS Library Quantification Kit


Library quantification kit for illumina

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GenNext™ NGS Library Quantification Kit is for the SYBR® Green I qPCR-based library quantification of Illumina next-generation sequences. The kit allows the specific and accurate quantification of libraries bearing P5 and P7 adaptors which can be applied to flow cell amplification. It uses the highly efficient qPCR master mix KOD SYBR® qPCR Mix.


KOD SYBR® qPCR Mix can efficiently amplify GC- and AT-rich fragments of different lengths without bias.
The kit has a broad dynamic range from 20 pM (Standard DNA 1) to 0.0002 pM (Standard DNA 6).
The kit contains all reagents (KOD SYBR® qPCR Mix, 5x Primer Mix, Standard DNA, and 50x Dilution buffer) needed for the qPCR-based quantification of an NGS library.


NGS Library quantification for illumina’s insturment (ex. MiniSeq, MiSeq, HiSeq, NextSeq)


< KOD SYBR® qPCR mix* >
KOD SYBR® qPCR mix 1.67 mL x 3
50x ROX reference dye 250 µL


< Standard & Primer Set >
Standard DNA 1 (20 pM) 200 µL
Standard DNA 2 (2 pM) 200 µL
Standard DNA 3 (0.2 pM) 200 µL
Standard DNA 4 (0.02 pM) 200 µL
Standard DNA 5 (0.002 pM) 200 µL
Standard DNA 6 (0.0002 pM) 200 µL
5x Primer Mix 2 mL (2 × 1 mL)
50x Dilution Buffer 1.7 mL”