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The InviTrap Spin Plant RNA Mini Kit provides an effective and efficient purification of total RNA from a wide variety of plant samples and filamentous fungi.


The sample is homogenized in liquid nitrogen and then lysed under highly denaturing conditions. The provided lysis buffers are adapted to the special requirements for lysis of plant material from different species. The genomic DNA is fixed at the surface of mineral carrier particles within the Lysis Solutions. Selective binding of the DNA is assured by optimized buffer conditions that reduce the undesired binding of RNA to a minimum. During the lysis procedure the carrier material is also shearing high molecular components, homogenizing the plant material and reducing the viscosity. After lysis the mineral carrier particles loaded with the genomic DNA are removed by centrifugation. Ethanol is added to provide appropriate binding conditions, then the sample is applied to a Spin Filter where the total RNA binds to the membrane and contaminants are efficiently washed away by repeated washing steps. The purified total RNA can be eluted in a small volume of RNase free water. Due to the high purity, the isolated total RNA is ready to use for downstream applications  like RT-PCR, northern blotting and array technologies. Furthermore all InviTrap RNA kits feature capped spin columns for safe and reliable RNA purification.


Pure RNA without DNase digestion – selective genomic DNA removal during lysis step


Two sample-specific lysis buffers included in kit – contaminants, such as polysaccharides, or polyphenols are efficiently removed


Up to 80 μg pure RNA from plant material or plant cells, co-purification of viral RNA from phytopathogens


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