NanoSuit Solution Type II for pathological specimen – 5mL


The NanoSuitⓇ Solution Type II for pathological specimen, CLEM.

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“Taking electron microscope images of biological objects in their natural state.”

The NanoSuit solution Type II is developed for observing specimens such as tissue sections contact with glass slides and is useful for CLEM (Correlative light and electron microscopy).
NanoSuit membrane covers the sections and can keep the original structure of it.
After obtaining the color information by an optical microscope, it is possible to obtain high-resolution and high-magnification information as well as a three-dimensional structure with SEM. After SEM observation, it is possible to re-stain such as Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining, therefore, you can use this method for the specimens without any damage.
It is possible to save again as it was. It is also possible to use the NanoSuit solution as a marker. When a very small amount of this solution were put at the part observed with an optical microscope, the tiny drop of the solution can see as a marker during SEM observation.
Since it can also be used for EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray) analysis, it is possible to analyze the elements of biological samples as they are on a slide glass.
With these new observation methods, you can discover new findings in life science and new pathological findings by CLEM.
●“NanoSuit” forms a very thin barrier layer on the surface of an object and the barrier layer holds moisture in the object under vacuum condition in electron microscopy. Also, the barrier layer is electrically conductive.
●“NanoSuit” makes it possible to observe biological objects with their natural image texture.
●”NanoSuit” is very easy to use. Only dropping the “NanoSuitsolution” onto the objects, then you can observe the objects using SEM.

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