NanoSuit Solution Type III for cells – 5mL


The NanoSuitⓇ Solution Type III for Cells

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“Taking electron microscope images of biological objects in their natural state.”



The NanoSuit method is a technology that enables us to keep many organisms wet in the high vacuum condition of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) by encasing the sample in the NanoSuit membrane. The NanoSuit membrane is a thin, vacuum-proof membrane with sufficient electron conductivity for an SEM observation, and is polymerized from the NanoSuit solution composed of biocompatible polymers by an electron beam or plasma irradiation. The NanoSuit Solution Type III (NST3) is suitable for an SEM observation of small-sized biological samples such as cells, bacteria, viruses, exosomes, and liposomes. The basic procedure is simple as follows; the NST3 is immediately added dropwise to the sample, after removing the solution such as the culture medium which contained those samples. Wipe off the excess NST3 and irradiate it with an electron beam in an electron microscope to start observation.



“NanoSuit” forms a very thin barrier layer on the surface of an object and the barrier layer holds moisture in the object under vacuum condition in electron microscopy. Also, the barrier layer is electrically conductive.


“NanoSuit” makes it possible to observe biological objects with their natural image texture.


”NanoSuit” is very easy to use. Only dropping the “NanoSuitsolution” onto the objects, then you can observe the objects using SEM.”

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