Quick Taq HS DyeMix


Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix (Hot Start)

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Quick Taq™ HS DyeMix is a Taq-based 2x master mix PCR reagent that contains an electrophoresis dye (BPB; bromophenol blue) and anti-Taq antibodies for hot start PCR. This reagent contains all components for PCR except primers and template DNA. This reagent shows specific and efficient amplification. The amplified products can be directly loaded in the wells of agarose or acrylamide gels.


Quick Taq™ HS DyeMix contains bromophenol blue (BPB) as an electrophoresis dye; the PCR products can be analyzed directly with an agarose or acrylamide gel.
Enables greater PCR performance than conventional Taq DNA polymerase.
This reagent contains anti-Taq antibodies for hot start PCR. Hot start technology realizes highly specific and sensitive PCR.
Quick Taq™ HS DyeMix is stable for at least three months at 4ºC. No decrease in reaction efficiency is observed following 30 freeze-thaw cycles.


General PCR
Colony direct PCR


This reagent includes the following components for 100 reactions, 50 µL total reaction volume:
2x Quick Taq™ HS DyeMix 1.25mL× 2

*In the case of the long-term storage (>3 months), this reagent should be stored at -20ºC.”

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