RNA-direct SYBR Green Realtime PCR Master Mix


One-step qPCR Master Mix

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This product is a 2 × Master Mix for “”1-step real-time PCR”” using a thermostable DNA polymerase derived from Thermus thermophilus (Tth) HB8). Tth DNA polymerase exhibits reverse transcriptase activity in the presence of Mn2+ ions. This system allows for “”1-step real-time PCR””, including reverse transcription and PCR steps. RNA-direct™ SYBR Green™ Realtime PCR Master Mixcan be applied to an intercalation assay with SYBR® Green I.


Suitable for high-throughput real-time PCR and increases reliability of product, due to lowered risk of contamination.
Can be used in systems using glass capillaries (e.g., LightCycler, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.).
Can be used in systems using passive reference (e.g., ABI PRISM™ 7700, Applied Biosystems, Inc.).
Hot Start technology, using anti-Tth DNA polymerase antibodies, allows for high specificity and reproducible amplification.


 0.5 mL x 5 100 reactions

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