ScriptMAX Thermo T7 Transcription Kit


High efficiency RNA synthesis kit

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Based on the RNA synthase “”Thermo T7 RNA Polymerase “” [Code No. TRL-201] with improved thermal stability, this is a highly efficient RNA synthesis kit with significantly improved RNA synthesis.


By adding the attached Accelerator Solution, this kit can obtain RNA with a concentration 2 to 4 times that of the conventional method. Furthermore, the Thermo T7 RNA Polymerase in the kit has high thermal stability, so it can react in a wide temperature range, and its specific activity is improved even at 37 ° C.


● High efficiency
By adding Accelerator Solution, RNA can be prepared with a yield of 2 to 4 times that of the conventional method.
● Excellent heat resistance
It uses Thermo T7 RNA Polymerase << TT7 >> and can react in a wider temperature range than the kit using wild-type T7 RNA Polymerase.
● Ideal for mRNA synthesis for cell-free protein synthesis


Thermo T7 RNA Polymerase 60μL
10×Basal Reaction Buffer 400μL
5×Accelerator Solution 400μL
25mM rNTPs Mixture 280μL
RNase Inhibitor(40U/μL) 30μL
Nuclease-free Water(not DEPC treated) 1mL