Master mix for high-efficiency real-time PCR

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THUNDERBIRD ® Next SYBR ® qPCR Mix is a product with a significantly improved composition of the conventional THUNDERBIRD ® qPCR Mix. By increasing the PCR efficiency and suppressing non-specific reactions (generation of primer dimers, etc.), a wide quantifiable range (dynamic range) can be obtained.

It is a premix reagent with a concentration of 2 x, and components other than the primer are mixed in advance. In addition, it is colored with a blue dye that does not affect the real-time PCR reaction or signal, and the reagent is easy to see during pipetting, preventing dispensing mistakes.

THUNDERBIRD ® Next SYBR ® qPCR Mix is ​​a premix reagent containing a universal passive reference dye for real-time PCR with the SYBR ® Green I detection system. The reaction solution preparation can be simplified, the variation in fluorescence intensity between samples can be minimized, and highly reproducible results can be obtained.


●Improvement of amplification efficiency
PCR efficiency is improved by improving the composition.

● Improved detection sensitivity in the low copy range
High efficiency and specific amplification enable analysis over a wide measurement range.

● High specificity
The composition optimization has improved the specificity of PCR. The reduction of non-specific reactions improves reliability in detecting low concentration targets.

● Supports high-speed cycles with an extension time of 10 seconds

● Improved stability of the reaction solution after preparation
Due to the high stability of the PCR reaction solution after mixing the primer and template, even if the number of samples is large and preparation takes time. You will get stable results.

● Prevention of false positives due to carryover
dUTP is included in the composition of this product.
By adding Uracil-N-Glycosylase (UNG), Heat-labile [ Code No. UNG-101 ] (sold separately), false positives due to carry-over contamination can be prevented.

● No need to add ROX because it contains a dye
Normally, it is not necessary to add ROX even in equipment that requires correction. In addition, the contained correction dye does not affect the detection of SYBR ® Green I, so it is compatible with various devices.


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