High efficient real-time PCR Master Mix

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THUNDERBIRD™ Probe is a highly efficient 2x Master Mix for real-time PCR using TaqMan™ probes. The master mix contains all required components, except for ROX reference dye, probe and primers (50x ROX reference dye is individually supplied with this kit). The master mix facilitates reaction setup, and improves the reproducibility of experiments.These products are improved versions of Realtime PCR Master Mix (Code No. QPK-101, Code No. QPK-201) . In particular, reaction specificity and PCR efficiency is enhanced.


THUNDERBIRD™ Probe qPCR Mix 1 mL × 1
50x ROX reference dye 50 µL × 1


THUNDERBIRD™ Probe qPCR Mix 1.67 mL × 3
50x ROX reference dye 250 µL × 1

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