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Monthly Newsletter – August 2017

Monthly Newsletter

August 2017


Cell Culture Plastic Consumables


Dear Customer,


Cell culture is a process for the maintenance and growth of the cells of multicellular organisms outside the body in specially designed containers and under certain conditions of temperature, humidity and nutrition, and freedom from contamination. Cell culture plastic consumables which either provide the cell culture environment or transfer cell culture media and supplements have been an essential part of the process. Every cell culture lab use lots of cell culture plasticwares every day to keep cells growing.


You spend a lot on these consumables. Do you know how much you can save from the daily consumption of those cell culture plastics without any quality compromise?


This month, AS ONE International has introduced a variety of cell culture plastics into the US to help on every step across your cell culture process. AS ONE is a well-known brand in Japan for all cell culture plastic consumables, including:


Cell Culture Flasks

Serological Pipettes

Pipette Tips

Centrifuge Tubes

Petri Dishes

Cell Culture Multi-Well Plates


These cell culture consumables are featured below:


 — Quality guaranteed – rigorously tested and used in Japan for many years

 — Various types and sizes are available to fit diverse research needs

 — Competitive price allows you save big from other suppliers’ offerings


Particularly for the end users (researchers) in the United States who order these consumables, you can have an up to 45% discount off our list price through the end of the year. You can go to our promotion page to check details. You can also download the PDF flyer and save it for ordering any date before the end of the year. All distributors are welcome to contact us for your price list.


Check Promotion Page for Details


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