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— Measure human esRAGE in serum, plasma, and culture medium

— Reliable, reproducible results from assay to assay

— Proprietary primary monoclonal antibody ensures quantification of only esRAGE spice variant


It’s a well known fact that, when suffering from diabetes, some patients soon develop complications exemplified by nephropathy, while others never do. The determinant for such fates has not yet been identified. Could esRAGE be the cause? The research data predicts that people with high esRAGE should be resistant to complications while those with low esRAGE should have a predisposition for complications. To assess this, a highly sensitive and specific assay system for human esRAGE has been developed, and is commercially available from AS ONE INTERNATIONAL. With this assay, you can evaluate esRAGE as a biomarker for various diseases, including diabetic complications, and use it as a tool to develop new drugs that can regulate esRAGE levels, thereby making diabetes a less terrible disease.



The kit specifically detects the endogenous secreted form of RAGE (i.e. esRAGE) in human plasma, serum samples and cell or tissue culture medium. The esRAGE protein has been implicated in physiological changes associated with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and vascular disease. The microplate is pre-coated with primary anti-esRAGE antibody. The secondary esRAGE antibody conjugated to HRP is added for detection. After incubation, 3,3′,5,5′-tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) and hydrogen peroxide are added as a colorimetric substrate for color development. Color is measured at 450 nm.


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