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PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit

PSP Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit

The PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit is an integrated system for collection, transportation and storage of stool samples and subsequent DNA purification. Stool Collection Tube with DNA Stabilizer stabilizes DNA at ambient temperature allowing easy transportation and storage of stool samples. The purification kit is designed for total DNA isolation from microorganisms and from the host organism.  The kit  can also be used to extract nucleic acids from food and feed residues of plant or animal origin from a stool sample. 



PCR, RFLP, Hybridization, Genetic typing, Pathogen typing, Mutation analysis, Paternity testing


Using STRATEC Molecular’s unique and proprietary non-chaotropic chemistry, the PSP® (Pre-analytical Sample Processing) product portfolio comprises an integrated sample management system: from sample collection, DNA stabilization, transportation and storage through to purification – all conveniently combined in a single kit.


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Catalog # 1038110200: PSP Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit,  50 purifications

Catalog # 1038110300: PSP Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit,  250 purifications

Additional Stool Collection Tubes with Stabilizer:

Catalog # 1038111200 Catalog # 1038111300: 50 Tubes 250 Tubes


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