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Purification Kits for PCR Products & DNA Fragments

MSB Technology

MSB® (minimal salt binding) technology, the fastest technology for purification of DNA fragments with high recovery rates. The MSB® kits have been designed for extremely efficient purification and concentration of PCR products or of DNA fragments from enzymatic reaction mixtures with only two steps. The DNA fragments adsorb at the silica membrane in the presence of minimal concentrations of non chaotropic salts, while impurities pass through the column. Then the DNA fragments are eluted in a low-salt buffer or water. Therefore a washing step is not required.


MSB Spin PCRapace Kit

MSB Spin PCRapace Kit is a powerful tool to clean up and concentration PCR products or DNA fragments. Just two simple steps — binding, elution — from crude sample to pure DNA


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Catalog # 1020220300: MSB Spin PCRapace, 250 purifications

Catalog # 1020220400: MSB Spin PCRapace, 500 purifications


Invisorb Technology

Invisorb® technology is the first technology for the extraction of highly purified nucleic acids using non chaotropic binding conditions. Starting from complex biological samples, the method allows binding of nucleic acids to nearly all surfaces, such as membranes, carrier or magnetic particles. In combination with specially modified surfaces a selective binding of different nucleic acid targets can be realized.


Invisorb Fragment Cleanup

The Invisorb® Fragment CleanUp provides a convenient tool for fast and efficient purification of PCR products and DNA fragments.

Invisorb Fragment Cleanup kit combines 2 Stratec technologies in 1 kit – MSB technology for PCR or DNA fragment cleanup. DNA fragments bind to a silica membrane while the contaminants flow through. Target DNA fragments are eluted in a low-salt buffer or water. Invisorb technology is used for purification of DNA fragments from agarose gels, the DNA fragments are bound to the surface of the spin filter column after the gel is solubilized.


We are offering a 12% discount for the following kits until August 31, 2018.

Catalog # 1020300200: Invisorb Fragment cleanup, 50 purifications

Catalog # 1020300300: Invisorb Fragment cleanup, 250 purifications


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Cat.#1020220300 Cat.#1020220400 Cat.# 1020300200 Cat.# 1020300300
MSB Spin PCRapace              250 purifications MSB Spin PCRapace                500 purifications Invisorb Fragment Cleanup                      50 purifications Invisorb Fragment Cleanup                     250 purifications
PCR rxn X X X X
cDNA synthesis X X X X
Restriction enzyme digests X X X X
Ligation rxn X X X X
Cycle sequencing rxn X X X X
TAE or TBE agarose gel slices X X
DNA purification – enzymatic rxns
Convenient, ultrafast, efficient X X X X
5 minute, 2 step protocol X X X X
Purify DNA fragments 80 bp > 30 kbp X X X X
80-95 % recovery rate X X X X
Concentrated – elute in 10 µl X X X X
Gel extraction
20 minute protocol X X
Up to 300 mg gel slices X X
      70-90 % recovery rate X X
Restriction digestion X X X X
Hybridization, labelling, cloning X X X X
In vitro transcription X X X X
Ligation, transformation X X X X
DNA sequencing X X X X
Amplification, microinjection X X



MSB Spin PCRapace Protocol                       Invisorb Fragment Cleanup Protocol