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New Supplier: Silkworm Protein Expression System: KAICO Ltd.

AS ONE INTERNATIONAL, INC. recently added a new supplier, KAICO Ltd., a startup company founded in April 2018 from the Kyushu University in Japan.  There are over 450 inbred strains of silkworm in the University and KAICO Ltd. selected several unique strains of silkworms which could efficiently produce hard-to-express proteins for vaccine development, diagnostic kit development, and various researches. Their product lineup include Norovirus like particle (VLPs) proteins and SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) spike protein and antibody.

To learn more about the products, click PDF to view the product flyer;

To place orders, click Product Pages or email to or call (408) 638 7415;

To request the samples for testing, please send an email to Please note that the number of samples is limited.