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New Supplier: High quality genetic engineering reagents, Toyobo co.,Ltd.

Since it was established in 1882, TOYOBO has been a leading manufacturer of textile products in Japan. Over the years TOYOBO has expanded its product lines into various non-textile markets such as film, plastics, electronics and life science-related businesses based on the core technologies. Today, TOYOBO provides scientists across the world with a wide variety of unique materials and reagent for applications in the field of Enzymology, Molecular biology, and Immunology. 

To learn more about the ThunderBird TM Next Syber® qPCR Mix (released on 9/2020), click PDF to view the product flyer.


To learn more about the KOD Syber® qPCR Mix, click PDF to view the product flyer.


To place orders, click Product Pages or email to or call (408) 638 7415;


To request the samples for testing, please send an email to