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Monthly Newsletter – July 2017

Monthly Newsletter

July 2017


Trusted ELISA Kits for Obesity and Diabetes Research


Today, obesity and diabetes have become a serious social concern. More than 60 percent of adults in the US are overweight or obese. Type 2 diabetes, driven by excessive body weight, has increased nearly 30 percent in the last decade. Moreover, diabetes is often accompanied by an aggressive form of cardiovascular disease and greatly increases the risk of atherosclerosis and heart failure. The specific roles of metabolism and other mechanisms in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases remain unclear. Reliable research tools such as ELISA kits for metabolism and diabetes research are critical for addressing these questions.


On the other hand, scientific data reproducibility has become a concern in the scientific community, it seems the best way for scientists to choose and use the life science reagents is to trust and buy from trusted suppliers. AS ONE INTERNATIONAL (formerly B-Bridge International) has supplied ELISA kits for obesity and diabetes research for more than 15 years. Its ELISA kits for adiponectin, leptin, resistin and esRAGE have been heavily cited by researchers in their publications. Here are two of most recent examples:


In one genome-wide association study (Ref.1) in 1,322 pregnant women, Hivert et al investigated genetic determinants of adiponectin during pregnancy and early life. Using the combined meta-analysis and our adiponectin ELISA kit to monitor serum adiponectin, researchers revealed that the maternal T allele of rs900400 was associated with lower maternal adiponectin. In contrast, rs900400 showed only nominal association with adiponectin in a sample group of 16,678 nonpregnant women.


In another study (Ref. 2), Brinkley et al determined serum levels of total sRAGE, esRAGE (measured with our esRAGE ELISA kit) and its major ligand CML in 99 Blacks and 454 Whites. They found that black race was associated with an adverse AGE/RAGE profile, including lower sRAGE and higher CML/sRAGE ratios.


At AS ONE International, we are proud of being a long-term and well-trusted supplier for these research tools. We would like to share the up-to-date list of journal citations for these kits with you and keep you informed in the areas of your scientific discovery.



Human Adiponectin ELISA Kit (K1001-1)

Human Leptin ELISA Kit (K1005-1)