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PSP® SalivaGene DNA Kit

PSP SalivaGene DNA Kit

The PSP® SalivaGene DNA Kit used with the SalivaGene® Stabilization Collection Tubes is a modular system, combining a DNA stabilization solution for collection, stabilization, storage and transportation of saliva or swab material with a very efficient isolation method for high quality DNA.


5 Easy Steps from sample to purified DNA!

For the isolation of genomic host DNA, mitochondrial DNA, pathogenic bacterial and eukaryote DNA from swab and saliva samples.

Field Applications: forensic, human-identity, genetic, biosecurity, pathogen, in vitro diagnostic, pharmacogenomics, and microbiome analysis.


SalivaGene Sample Collection Tubes

SalivaGene sample collection tubes containing DNA Stabilizer keeps DNA stable for 12 months at RT or –20°C for years! The DNA stabilization buffer preserves the microorganism titer by prelysis of bacteria, inactivating DNases and preventing DNA degradation. 


We are offering a 12% discount for the following kits until August 31, 2018.

Catalog # 1035200200: PSP SalivaGene DNA Kit,  50 purifications

Catalog # 1035200300: PSP SalivaGene DNA Kit,  250 purifications

Catalog # 1035212200: SalivaGene Collection Module II,  50 tubes

Catalog # 1035212300: SalivaGene Collection Module II ,  125 tubes


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